Training Services

At Kielet, we provide language training for companies, assessing the specific requirements in each case and adapting the training programmes to the student’s needs and to the strategic objectives of the company.

At the beginning of a course, the students take a test to define their level, and uniform groups are created in terms of knowledge, with suitable topics for each level. The course includes regular assessments in order to monitor individual and group development. Any weak points detected can be addressed and corrected throughout the training course.

At Kielet, we adapt to your working hours, delivering courses at arranged times.


Courses delivered by Kielet are eligible for state funding for company training from the Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment.

The course prices are defined on a specific case-by-case basis. For a detailed, no-obligation quote, contact us at the following address:

Small groups

One-to-one tuition

Topic-specific courses (technical, commercial, introductory, advanced, conversation, business)

Conversation and/or language maintenance courses

Specific grammar courses

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